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At Trinity College Colac, we believe that the discipline policy and practices should be developed from our belief that the values of the Gospel will permeate all that we do in the name of education. We are endeavouring to promote an environment that is secure, healthy and respectful for all members of the school community. We also believe that the responsibility for the growth and development of each child is a partnership between teachers, parents and children. Consequently, our Behaviour Management Policy recognise that the members of the school community have certain rights and therefore responsibilities to uphold the rights of others, within the school.

At Trinity College Colac the procedures used to maintain a disciplined, yet secure, healthy and respectful community, will assist in protecting the rights of each member, and prevent behaviour that is inappropriate and likely to lead to future problems. We aim to promote self discipline and positive approaches to the development of acceptable behaviour in students. A united and consistent approach to discipline by staff members and parents will ensure the implementation of the policy.