Dear parents and carers,

Learning and teaching will take place remotely in Term 2, in line with the government directive that “students who can learn from home must learn from home”.

Next Tuesday, April 14 is a student free day and allows for final preparations for the school term. School commences on Wednesday, April 15. Trinity College will provide supervision to students from households where studying from home is not possible. Please see the notes in the attached document.

The attached document provides information and advice to assist parents and carers who form an integral part of the learning partnership with Trinity College.

Remote learning at Trinity College will provide students with a flexible, online platform that enables learning and teaching to continue while also recognising the complex nature of family life during this time. We are aware that many of our students and staff will be juggling learning and teaching with household responsibilities, including looking after siblings or children.

All students will be provided with sufficient work and the explicit teaching required to complete the set work. Teachers will be available to students via Teams as well as email. The work supplied will be in a variety of forms and including video conferencing. Trinity College has been working with Teams and OneNote for a number of years now, so staff and students are very familiar with these two platforms that will form the basis of our remote learning.

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter together. Please continue to follow the advice and stay at home as much as possible.

Kind Regards

Paul Clohesy, Principal

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