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Peer Support

Peer Support Programme

Trinity College has a peer support programme which fosters a connection between students in various levels. The main aim of this programme is to assist new students in the College, specifically Year 7 students, with their orientation to the various aspects of their new school.

The formal Peer Support Programme used at the College connects Year 10 students with Year 7 students. Year 9 students apply for selection to participate in the programme and are trained in various aspects of leadership and mentoring so they are ready to work with our incoming students the following year. Thereafter, a number of activities take place where the older students assist the younger ones during their Orientation Day as well as during the College’s Pastoral Care Programme.

This effective programme provides new students a chance to meet older students and to learn from them about Trinity College while also giving the Year 7 students many opportunities to get to know their classmates.

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