Dear parents and carers,
Welcome to a very new look Term 2!
On Wednesday we commence our Remote Learning Program. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to enable us to deliver ongoing learning to our students. It will be something that I am sure will improve as we go, but we are well resourced to stay in touch with our students and support them through this.
As parents and carers, all we ask is that you help create a home environment that minimises distractions, encourages routine, and supports your child’s learning.
Tomorrow morning our students should be logging on to their devices and checking in with what tasks have been set by their subject teachers in the Teams program, which is where teachers will communicate with students. Teachers will be outlining the workload usually in two week blocks to give students work to go on with. Students will complete their work in One Note, which is a platform accessed by students and staff. Teachers will provide due dates for the work as well as assistance if required.
If you are wanting to check-in with the students simply ask them – have you checked your class work in Teams?, and have you completed the work in One Note? Alternatively you can contact any of the subject teachers directly.
We understand that their day at home may contain some chores, or the need to support younger siblings, so our work has been set up flexibly and does not rely on them logging in to a subject at a set time. Despite this, attempting to follow the normal school daily timetable, where possible, is the best way to provide your children with structure for the day.
Some classes will arrange video conferencing and protocols for this are attached. We also want the students to take regular breaks and get some exercise.
I have attached some resources for you that explain Remote Learning in detail and would encourage you to visit our website for further information which we have released previously.
Please contact the subject teachers, Home Room teachers, Year Level Co-ordinators, our Wellbeing Team or the office as required.
In some cases students from families of essential services workers as well as students from households where learning from home is not possible will be working here at school, with appropriate supervision, hygiene restrictions and social distancing. These students will be completing the same Remote Learning program as their classmates.
If you require this support please contact me today as the government has stipulated that if students can work from home they must work from home.
Our staff are all working to adapt and to continue the learning for our students, in many cases from home, and we are all available to help.

Kind Regards

Paul Clohesy, Principal

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