Group Activities

In the school community there are a number of active groups that help to cater to the myriad of interests that students follow. Each group also has at least one member of staff to coordinate meetings and activities.


This group meets at lunchtimes to teach interested young students important chess fundamentals as well as provide on-line tutorials with some top chess coaches for the more experienced members of the club. Excursions are held during the year which allows teams to play against other students in the Ballarat Diocese or against other schools in the state.


Lunchtime meetings are also held of the fishing club where students can learn how to ‘tie a fly’ or discover the best type of bait for different fish. It also provides students with an opportunity to discuss the ‘one that got away’ at the weekend! An excursion to one of the many fishing spots in the area is also enjoyed by the students in this club.


Students learn, during lunch-times and after school, how to use microprocessors, sonic sensors, light sensors and electronic compasses to guide their soccer robots. Trinity teams have attended the Australian National titles on a regular basis.