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At Trinity, we have an eye firmly on the young person who will leave the College fully informed about what it means to be a resilient and accountable adult who is prepared to make the world a better place.

In partnership with our College families, we deliver consistent messaging and role modelling to our students to ensure they achieve their own personal brand of success and spiritual fulfilment.

Our faith tradition

Our College is built on the faith values of our founders and the teachings of Jesus Christ are the cornerstone of the Trinity journey.

Trinity College welcomes families and children from other Christian denominations, and finds great solidarity in sharing Christian values while holding true to our distinctively Catholic ethos. Everybody in our community is invited to participate in liturgies, retreats and service opportunities that provide tangible ways to celebrate our shared humanity and take action to make a difference in the world. Our students also engage in our faith learnings as part of the curriculum and are invited to explore their own spiritual journey in the Catholic context.

Our commitment to social justice is a defining feature of our Catholic identity. Our young people are challenged to walk alongside those at the margins of society to grow in empathy and develop the character of a compassionate and ethical global citizen. They are supported to become indpendent thinkers and encouraged to stand up for what they know to be right so they can contribute to a world that is concerned with human dignity and care for the environment.

The wellbeing of our students is paramount, and we believe building positive relationships with mutual respect has a profound effect on academic and social outcomes.

Our student wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is paramount, and we believe building positive relationships with mutual respect has a profound effect on academic and social outcomes. Feeling safe, secure, appreciated and heard enables students to develop skills that enable them to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

During the Trinity years, our students develop from children into adults. It is a transition that occurs only once during a lifetime and is a critical period for the formation of mature, accountable, resilient and loving adults. Wellbeing initiatives and programs that establish a culture of high expectations allows our students to take appropriate risks in their learning and develop into the best versions of themselves.

At Trinity, we have stringent safety policies and procedures to ensure our students are safe and all staff engage in ongoing professional child safety training.

Our excellence in education

Education is our core business and at Trinity we aim for our graduates to be in the best possible position for the next exciting phase of their life and for every student to achieve their goal. Everybody’s academic journey is different and our young people are supported on their journey of self-discovery as they become equipped to express their own voice, discover their purpose and choose their own path to a bright future.

Whether they are destined for further studies, the workplace or vocational training, our students are guided on their chosen pathway, supported with practical skills and encouraged to achieve their best. In every aspect of College life, we deliver a consistent message that honours discipline, fosters curiosity and creates habits that lead to a mindset that values personal excellence from Year 7 right through to the final day at Trinity College and beyond.

Our families

At Trinity, the rights and responsibilities of all our community are important to us and the inclusive culture of the College supports every student as they journey through their critical adolescent years.

A strong sense of identity and worth supports their growth into a balanced and happy adult and critical to this development is the partnership between school and home. Fostering strong relationships with our families enriches student wellbeing, achievement and engagement, and encourages conversations that keep us informed of issues relevant to the educational and wellbeing needs of the young people who share their time between school and home.


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