Information and Communication Technology

At Trinity we recognise our responsibility to provide and maintain an effective and efficient contemporary learning environment.

This shared responsibility extends to all staff, students and parents accessing the College Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources and systems.

The College endeavours to continue to provide ICT that:

  • personalises and extends student learning,
  • through College planning for professional learning, improves the educational skills of teachers,
  • supports connected learning beyond the school, and
  • supports systems for the safe and appropriate access and management of digital learning and teaching resources.

Technology in the Classroom

Trinity College operates a 1:1 device program across the school with students owning their own College-endorsed device. This device has been chosen to best meet the needs of the 21st Century learner whilst also being mindful of the financial impact on our families.

Remote Learning

A comprehensive technology user agreement between the school and home encourages best practice and a safe online environment for your child.