Travelling to school

Trinity College is a school of choice for many families in our Colac-Otway region and there are multiple options available for travelling to school. Closer to home, walking, cycling, the town bus and Mum and Dad’s taxi are easy solutions, but there are plenty of transport options for our students who are further afield.

Walking and Cycling

Many of our students walk or ride to school and there are crossing attendants at locations around the College to ensure safe access during our busy times. Plenty of students also cycle and can lock their bikes in the special storage area that is provided.

Private Transport

Trinity has plenty of dedicated drop-off bays for families who wish to drive their children to school.

Town Buses

Christians Bus Company run several school bus routes throughout Colac township. For more information, contact Christians to confirm the best route, times and ticketing options on (03) 5231 2203.

Country Buses

Families who live outside of the Colac township can apply to access the state-run contract bus services that operate throughout our region. For more information, contact the Bus Coordinator at Colac Secondary College on (03) 5231 9800.

Apollo Bay Bus

Trinity College currently runs a private bus service to and from Apollo Bay. The availability of this route is dependent on the number of students requiring this service so please contact the College for more information.

To assist with the cost of these services, families may be able to apply for the Conveyance Allowance from the Department of Education. The allowance may be available to students travelling more than 4.8km to and from Trinity College by public or private transport and whose nearest non-government school is not serviced by a free school bus program.

Typically our families who have children on our Apollo Bay bus drive their children more than 4.8km to access a school bus, or have children travelling on the Warrion Workers’ Bus may be elibible to apply for the Conveyance Allowance.

For details, conditions and eligibility requirements, please visit the website or contact our College Reception on (03) 5233 9200.

Apply for Conveyance Allowance from the Department of Education