Positive Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is paramount and we believe that building positive relationships with mutual respect has a profound effect on academic and social outcomes. Feeling safe, secure, appreciated and heard empowers students to develop skills that enable them to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

At Trinity, we are consistent with our wellbeing initiatives and programs that support our students’ mental health and are deeply invested in their emotional nourishment. We have high expectations for the disciplined behaviour of our young people so every student feels a valued and loved member of our community.

Our Behaviours for Learning initiative provides the building blocks for the College’s culture of high expectations, providing our students with techniques and habits that contribute towards achieving their potential. With these formative skills, every one of our students can achieve personal growth through access to quality and collaborative teaching practices. They are guided by a Learning Community Leader who oversees their academic progress, a Year Level Coordinator who provides wellbeing support, and a team of Homeroom Mentors and teachers who are focussed on their personal growth and emotional development.

The College's Wellbeing team of psychologists and social workers provides assistance for students' experiencing significant issues and are supported by external professionals if necessary.

Working together, our Trinity staff ensure that every child is known, valued and supported on their personal learning journey. Careers counselling, academic and vocational pathways guidance and assistance in workplace, apprenticeship and training placements provides our young people with the opportunity to define their goals, strive for success and, above all, have a true sense of belonging and find joy in their Trinity journey.

Trinity College has stringent safety policies and procedures to ensure our students are safe and all staff engage in ongoing professional child safety training.

Working together, our Trinity staff ensure that every child is known, valued and supported on their personal learning journey.

Trinity College also offers our families access to an online wellbeing resource that helps to break down barriers to navigate a pathway towards better mental health for young people.

SchoolTV is a powerful tool that provides credible information from trusted sources with a focus to empower confidence when difficulties arise.

Trinity families can access informative fact sheets, articles, apps, books, podcasts, websites, and videos that are all related to a single topic by logging in to the SchoolTV portal here.

Login details are available through the Parent Access Module.