Our Faith Tradition

Trinity College is built on the faith values of our founders and the teachings of Jesus Christ are the cornerstone of the Trinity journey.

We welcome families and children from other denominations and find great solidarity in sharing Christian values while holding true to our distinctively Catholic ethos. Everybody in our community is invited to participate in liturgies, retreats and service opportunities that provide tangible ways to celebrate our shared humanity and take action to make a difference in the world.

Our students also engage in faith learnings as part of the curriculum and are invited to explore their own spiritual journey. While Catholic theology forms the foundation for religious education, other major world religions are studied so that students gain a broader understanding of different traditions and cultures. Opportunities are provided for informed discussion of many of the ‘big questions’, including moral and ethical issues.

Our commitment to social justice is a defining feature of our Catholic identity. Our young people are challenged to walk alongside those at the margins of society to grow in empathy and develop the character of a compassionate and ethical global citizen. They are supported to become independent thinkers and encouraged to stand up for what they know to be right so they can contribute to a world that is concerned with human dignity and care for the environment.