Express your inner creative.

Located in a spacious and dynamic hub in close proximity to the Graphics Design room, our Visual Art studios encourage students to explore their creativity and develop fine artistic skills in drawing, illustration, painting, ceramics and sculpture.

The program focusses on creative processes and development to guide the students as they build on their skills and knowledge.

Visual Art is offered as a Rotation subject in Year 7. Visual Communications and Design in Years 7 and 8 explores exciting elements of art production and provides experience in graphics software and technology. The Visual Arts can be studied through to Year 12 as part of VCE studies.

Media is An increasingly popular subject as part of the Visual Art offerings. Students can commence Media studies from Year 9 as part of the Elective program and can continue right up to Year 12.

Our Media studio boasts up-to-date equipment and students develop practical skills associated with media technology and production as well as an ability to think critically and evaluate content as they work towards producing their own projects.