The Trinity Difference

At Trinity, our strong focus on faith, excellence, wellbeing and community is captured by our holistic approach to developing our students into the best version of themselves. We call it the Trinity Difference.

An education at Trinity develops character, skills and knowledge as equal and integral parts in the development of the whole person, equipping each of our students with the tools to make a difference in their own lives, in the lives of the people around them and in the wider world.


As a Catholic school, our students are guided by the College’s faith tradition. Inspired by Gospel Values, they are encouraged to show empathy and kindness and to strive for social justice, giving them the foundation to be inclusive, open and understanding leaders in our communities.

These attributes empower students to take risks in their learning. They develop agile and resilient characteristics, learning from their mistakes and bouncing back from setbacks. Our students value hard work and are persistent in the pursuit of excellence, overcoming obstacles and remaining determined to accomplish their goals.

At Trinity, we honour achievement and our students appreciate their education and their school, taking pride in their own and others’ success. The College fosters a respectful culture where our students value each other and celebrate our community diversity.

A Trinity learner is:

  • spiritual and compassionate,
  • courageous and resilient, and
  • grateful and respectful.

From their first day at Trinity, students are guided to be organised and successful learners, no matter what their abilities may be. Our classrooms are calm and enjoyable spaces that maximise student engagement, promoting collaboration, communication and teamwork.

As they gain confidence and build supportive relationships in the community, our young people are challenged to be accountable for their academic progress, taking responsibility for their work habits and ongoing learning. They can think critically to analyse problems and creatively to design innovative solutions. They are curious about the world, asking questions and making connections. They examine and investigate complex problems and are encouraged to seek feedback to improve their progress.

As developing adolescents, our students understand the influence of emotions on their learning. They are supported to develop essential coping and self-reflection techniques that are characteristic of a well-formed and responsible adult who can make a difference in the world.

A Trinity learner can:

  • collaborate and communicate,
  • think critically and creatively, and
  • self-regulate.

Whether they are destined for further studies, the workplace or vocational training, our students develop the attributes of a lifelong learner. Through learning experiences that fuel their curiosity and imagination, they develop skills, habits and character that lead to a growth mindset, and understand the inherent value of these traits in being informed members of our local and global communities.

At Trinity, we walk alongside our students on their journey and we ensure they know where to seek help with their learning and feel confident in doing so. Our learning communities are structured to offer students direct access to support for all aspects of their school life so they can focus on achieving their goals, their aspirations and their dreams.

A Trinity learner knows:

  • how to learn,
  • why we learn, and
  • what can help.
At Trinity, we honour achievement and our students appreciate their education and their school, taking pride in their own and others’ success.