Parental Access Module (or PAM)

Trinity College Colac’s intranet system, SIMON, has a companion product known as the Parental Access Module (or PAM).

The Parent Access Module (PAM) provides parents with information on a range of areas relating to their child’s education, including homework, assessment tasks, school reports, attendance, Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews, the College’s daily messages and upcoming events.

To access PAM, parents will need a computer, tablet or handheld device (such as a smartphone) with internet access. To login, the parent/guardian must enter the username and password provided by the College. Should parents forget their password, it can be reset for them by contacting the College office.

Student Timetable

This option displays a full student timetable for the current cycle, a complete list of the student’s classes and teachers, as well as the start and end times for all periods.

Student Assessment and Reporting

Student reports will be available once they have been released by the College. Parents can view and print current and previous year reports for students from this section.

Learning Areas

Parents can log in to PAM to see their child’s homework and current assessment tasks. For assessment tasks, parents will be able to see the description of the current task and the due dates. Comments will also be available via PAM when the task has been completed and marked by the teacher. This provides timely feedback to parents and can generate discussion points for the Parent-Teacher-Student interviews.

Login to PAM

If you require any assistance accessing or using the Parental Access Module (PAM), please telephone Trinity College Reception on 5233 9200 during business hours or alternatively email