Providing Challenge and Support

An education at Trinity College seeks to develop resilient life-long learners who have pride in their own and others’ learning achievements.

At Trinity College, we offer a rich curriculum that provides plenty of opportunities for every student to discover their unique strengths and to be inspired to develop into curious learners and critical thinkers. We believe that students who are motivated and active participants in their learning are more likely to achieve personal excellence.

Our Behaviours for Learning initiative provides the building blocks for the College’s culture of high expectations, providing our students with techniques and habits that contribute towards achieving their potential.

With these formative skills, every one of our students can achieve personal growth through access to quality and collaborative teaching practices. They are guided by a Learning Community Leader who oversees their academic progress, a Year Level Coordinator who provides wellbeing support, and a team of Homeroom Mentors and teachers who are focussed on their personal growth and emotional development.

Working together, our Trinity staff ensure that every child is known, valued and supported on their personal learning journey. Careers counselling, academic and vocational pathways guidance and assistance in workplace, apprenticeship and training placements provides our young people with the opportunity to define their goals and strive for success.

We work collaboratively to provide a planned individual approach to benefit the student and their needs.