At Trinity College, students are encouraged to discover and develop leadership potential from their early days at the College. Servant leadership is modelled by Jesus Christ and our students are encouraged to put others before themselves in the pursuit of a life of purpose.

Opportunities to volunteer at College events and activities are numerous, building confidence, encouraging a sense of belonging and providing a service to the community.

Students are also encouraged to be involved in the Student Council, providing a genuine student voice for matters that affect their cohort. With the Director of Wellbeing, the Council meets regularly to discuss issues, find solutions and to be agents of change for a better school environment.

Towards the end of the school year the next year’s College leaders are elected by the students and staff to fulfil a variety of leadership roles throughout the coming year.

The senior student leadership group consists of:

  • College Captains
  • Deputy Captains
  • Prefects
  • House Captains, and
  • Performing Arts Captains.

This elected group attend an overnight camp where workshops and discussions are held on leadership, its expectations and commitment. It is at this camp that the Trinity College theme for the following year is discussed.