Trinity College Alumni

This group is for our old collegians and former staff and it includes: St Joseph’s College, St Joseph’s-Trinity and also Trinity College Colac. Our aim is to establish a strong alumni group with our Trinity community. Once connected with this group people will receive newsletters and of course any other information particularly relevant to your year level or era. It is free to join. If you are a former student or staff member, please see the link at the bottom of this page to an online form that we would like you to complete.

The Triune

Another initiatve to involve and engage former students and staff has been the introduction of an online newsletter titled ‘The Triune’.

Please click here to view the latest version.

Links to earlier editions:

We would welcome any information that people would like to share for future newsletters with a few paragraphs on where your journey has taken you since you left the College and where you are now. Alternatively, you might like to write just about a special memory you have of your time at Trinity College or St Joseph’s College. Any input will be appreciated and can be sent to

Email will be our main means of keeping contact because it is very cost effective so PLEASE INCLUDE A CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS FOR CONTACT.

Class Reunions

Trinity College is happy to help and assist if students from a particular year level wish to hold a class reunion. It is fairly common that a ’10 Year’ reunion is held. Please contact the Principal’s Assistant for further information.

Alumni Registration

  • Alumni Registration

    for former Students and Staff of Trinity College Colac and St Joseph's College
  • If enrolled under a different name
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For exiting students, please do not specify your school email address)
  • Familial Linking

    The details provided below will help us to link family members. We would like all former students and staff members to complete this section.
  • Example 2000-2004 (estimate if unsure)
  • for former students. example 07 - 11
  • to enable us to link siblings in a family group
  • Enter name and birthday per line. example: John Doe 31 Dec 1999
    I give permission for Trinity College Colac to use the information provided on this form by me, to try to contact me in regards to Alumni Events such as reunions and to email Alumni News.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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