The School Advisory Council  is the leading advisory group for the Principal, as an active forum for parent and community
participation, providing support and advice in strategic planning, school improvement, educational
outcomes and stewardship of resources.

As outlined in the DOBCEL Governance Charter, SAC
members do not have any financial or non-financial decision- making powers.

The School Advisory Council is intended to:
• provide a voice for members of the school community
• actively support, in collaboration with the local parish, the Vision and Catholic Identity of the
• provide input into and support for strategic planning and directions
• actively support and promote child safety practices including the National Safeguarding
Principles for Child Safe Organisations
• provide input and contribute advice in the processes of school improvement and school
• support the Principal in meeting his/her responsibilities and accountabilities for educational
outcomes, effective stewardship of resources, and annual reporting
• actively support the Principal in the encouragement of family engagement
• support the ongoing sustainability of the SAC and its members in its succession and learning

In 2022 our School Advisory Council Members include:

  • Fr Michael O’Toole (Parish Priest, St Mary’s)
  • Ms Michelle Carmody
  • Mrs Sandra Darwin
  • Mrs Kate Borch
  • Mr Adrian Murphy (Chairperson)
  • Mr Mark Billing
  • Mr Chris Kemp
  • Dr Andrew Watson (CEB Representative)
  • And Mr Paul Clohesy, Principal
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