College Master Plan

At the commencement of the 2015 school year, a new chapel was established, which opens on to the Reflection Garden. The first chapel was built as part of the original Christian Brothers’ residence and even after the Brothers moved out to private premises, the chapel was used by the school. However, due to lack of space because of the increase in student numbers, the chapel was decommissioned in 2010.

A temporary chapel was set up in a portable building in 2014. Finally, in 2015, as part of the College Master Plan, a new chapel was established in what had previously been the music room since 1997.


The altar from the original chapel was remodelled and excess timber was used in a new presider’s chair and lectern. The Stations of the Cross from the original chapel were repaired and modernised and are on the wall in the new chapel. The stained glass window of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which was originally presented to the Christian Brothers from the P&F and members of the community, has been installed in the new chapel with a complementing stained glass window with the current College crest.

The new chapel was blessed by Fr Michael O’Toole, St Mary’s PP, on Trinity Sunday 2015 in the presence of members of the Parish and College community.

Reflection Garden

On the 14th November 2014, Bishop Paul Bird, used the following words to bless the new College Reflection Garden.

Bless + the Reflection Garden, a place of calmness and peace, for quiet reflection.
The Reflection Garden was built by Trinity College with assistance from the Parents & Friends Association. The new College Chapel opens on to the garden and is an area of serenity and peace.

Memorial Leaf in the Reflection Garden

A marble stone commemorating the lives of deceased staff and students from our Trinity College community, has been incorporated into the Reflection Garden. A specially designed leaf, which will be attached to the wall, will be engraved with the deceased person’s name and dates of involvement with the College.

Families or friends can now apply to have a leaf mounted on the stone in the garden. Only a deceased student or staff member is eligible to have a plaque installed in their name and the deceased person must have been enrolled at, or employed by, Trinity College, St Joseph’s College or Trinity College Colac, as it is now known.

-> view and download information, criteria and application form (pdf)


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