Vibrant Learning Community

Trinity College is a vibrant learning community which values and encourages all students to be life-long learners, inspired to reach their potential. The curriculum for students in Years 7 to 10 is based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10, which sets out a single, coherent and comprehensive set of content, priorities, skills and capabilities with associated achievement standards for teachers to assess learners.

Contemporary learning is our focus at Trinity College. The 21CLD (21st Century Learning Design) framework is being implemented across Trinity’s curriculum to support students in building important skills for life and for their future learning:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge construction
  • Skilled communication
  • Real-world problem-solving and innovation
  • Use of ICT for learning
  • Self-regulation

Technology is used to enrich our curriculum in many ways and can be seen in the classroom, with online resources including the use of the Microsoft Office 365 suite including digital notebooks and stylus pens. The College has implemented an exciting new initiative using OneNote notebooks which is transforming learning allowing digital notetaking, collaboration and individualised real-time feedback.

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