Trinity College Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee meet two or three times per term. Please ring the office on 5233 9200 if you would like to contact the committee members.

Director of Learning: Ms Libby Ryan; Principal: Mr Paul Clohesy; Deputy Principal: Ms Rachel McGennisken; Learning Analytics Leader: Mr Ryan Geary; Learning Practice Leader: Mr Luke Featherston.

Learning Area Leaders

  • Religious Education: Mr James Fitzpatrick
  • The Arts – Performing Arts: Miss April Greaves
  • The Arts – Visual Arts: Mr Gavin Lang
  • English and Languages: Ms Shani Gill
  • Health & Physical Education: Mr Michael Tomkins
  • The Humanities: Ms Elizabeth Grayland
  • Mathematics: Mrs Kate Geary
  • Science: Mr Adam Karpala
  • Technologies – Design & Technology: Mrs Sharon Mullan-McCrae
  • Technologies – Digital Technologies: Mr Nathan Beaumont

Director of Students: Mrs Natalie Holt

Director of Faith and Mission: Mr Daniel Rodway

VCE VM Coordinator: Ms Pam Scott

VCE Coordinator: Mrs Karen A Hart

Learning Diversity Leader: Mrs Annie George

Year Level Co-ordinators

  • Year 7: Mrs Jade Elborough
  • Year 8: Miss Jess Van den Eynde
  • Year 9: Mr Caide Robertson
  • Year 10: Mr Daniel Barnett
  • Year 11: Mr Patrick Seal
  • Year 12: Mrs Angela McGlynn

Homeroom Mentors

7A  Mr Bryce McDonald

7B  Miss Vicki Andres

7C  Mrs Caroline Grist

7D  Mrs Eliza Maronian

7E  Mr Tom Bergin


8A  Mrs Jane Hawker

8B  Mrs Kate Geary (with Mrs Melinda Bock)

8C  Mrs Courtney Williamson (with Ms Lynne Wheal)

8D  Mr Michael Tomkins

8E  Mrs Jennifer Colbron (with Ms Cathy Phelan)

8F  Mrs Renee Morgan


9A  Mr Lewis Antonac

9B  Mrs Marianne Simpkin

9C  Mr James Fitzpatrick

9D  Mr Sam Wolfenden

9E  Mrs Karen Hart

9F  Miss Chloe Hasell


10A  Mr Tony Duggan (with Mr Des Ryan)

10B  Mrs Rachael Randall (with Miss Beth Anderson)

10C  Mrs Sarah Borch

10D  Mr David Miller

10E  Mr Sean James


11A  Mr Peter Harrington

11B  Mr Owen McGuire

11C  Mr Sam Kelly

11D  Miss Grace Wiedemann

11E  Miss Leesa Sharkey

11F  Mr Sam Moloney


12A  Ms Elizabeth Grayland

12B  Mrs Karen A Hart

12C  Ms Pam Scott

12D  Mr Daniel Rodway

12E  Mr Ryan Geary


Please note: You can email any of these contacts using their first intial and surname For example, Ryan Geary can be contacted at

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