A Focus of Core Subjects

The Year 8 curriculum is a progression from the Year 7 one. Year 8 students will continue to study their core subjects in their homeroom groupings, similar to their Year 7 curriculum.

Core Subjects

Religious Education, Digital Technologies, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Languages: Indonesian, Mathematics, Science.

Elective Subjects

During the year, all Year 8 students must study FIVE ELECTIVES over the year. Each elective consists of six periods in the College's ten-day cycle.

In order to help students ensure a breadth of curriculum choices, Year 8 students will be required to choose:

  • ONE elective from The Arts: Performing Arts Learning Area,
  • ONE elective from The Arts: Visual Arts Learning Area
  • ONE elective from the Technologies: Design and Technologies Learning Area
  • an additional TWO units to complete the required number of units for the year.

Full details regarding the Curriculum in Year 8 can be found in the Curriculum Handbook commencing from Page 10.

Follow this link to the 2023 Handbook.

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