Introducing Subject Choices

Year 9 students have a wider choice of subject selections than in Year 8.

In total, students will be required to complete 14 units for the year: Nine units will be from their Core Subjects and five units from their Elective Subjects. Each unit comprises of 11 periods over the rostered timetable per fortnight (except for RE and HPE which together comprise the 11 periods).

Follow this link to the 2023 Curriculum Handbook.

The Year 9 Program also consists of several Experiental Learning opportunities.

Experiental Learning at Year 9

As part of an innovative curriculum that aims to awaken and stimulate the intelligence, Year 9 students participate in Experiential Learning activities throughout the year. These constructive experiences engage our students in such a way as to realise their academic and personal potential. Currently, Experiential Learning at Trinity takes the form of two main activities:

Beechy Rail Trail: An expedition learning experience where students hike the Beechy Rail Trail in three groups, their departure staggered, with an overnight tent camping experience at Gellibrand. Before departing and upon return reflection, critical analysis and synthesis exercises take place in Pastoral Care classes. The hike itself takes place in late April or early May and provides students with the opportunity to foster relationships with the natural world as well as encouraging senses of self-discovery, adventure and triumph.

Melbourne Experience: The four day, Year 9 Melbourne Experience takes place in August of third term. This trip to Melbourne is part of the Year 9 Programme that has been devised to enhance and engage students with their learning experiences.

As part of the Melbourne City Experience and, with the intention of developing student resilience and broadening their horizons, students will stay overnight with family or friends within the Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat regions. This requires students to travel on public transport each morning and afternoon to meet and leave from Federation Square. Arrangements for the safety of students have been put in place and time has been allocated at school for students to plan their route and familiarise themselves with transport and route timetables. Students unable to arrange accommodation pay and stay in the city with the staff currently at Melbourne Discovery Hostel in Franklin Street.

Day one for all students will include a one hour tour and information session of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation Centre in South Yarra. Students will then participate in the Trinity Melbourne Scavenger Trot designed to familiarise students with the Melbourne CBD, the public transport system and a number of inner suburbs. The Scavenger Trot will involve students in groups of twenty, under teacher supervision, exploring the areas of St Kilda, MCG, Docklands, Southbank and the CBD.

Day two will involve a focus on future career paths or curriculum direction where students visit particular business houses, institutions, iconic buildings or attend short lectures.

Day three will undertake social justice activities, students will be organised into groups and will travel with the supervising staff members to the pre-arranged organisation located in the CBD or inner suburbs. Many of the students will undertake two Social Justice Placements on this day, therefore requiring train or tram transport from one organisation to the other. A number of the placements will involve hands on activity.

Day four will involve a group day of celebration with all students together undertaking three activities. Firstly a visit to the Vic Market then a short walk to the IMAX theatre in Carlton followed by an ice skating experience at Ice House in Docklands.

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