Homework Supports Learning

Our College values homework activities to support the learning in the classroom. Homework enables students to apply new skills to different situations and consolidate their knowledge.

Parents/Guardians are vital partners in the learning process. The role of a parent in homework is to help facilitate learning for the student. Parents are not expected to be the content expert, but must rather ensure the provision of a consistent place and time within the home for the completion of set tasks.

The PAM (Parent Access Module) is an online portal for parents to engage with their child’s learning and progress through this live reporting tool. Classwork, homework, assessment tasks and due dates are recorded in this module whilst the task is in progress, giving families a window to the learning journey.

PAM enables a view of learning in progress:

  • classwork
  • homework
  • assessment tasks
  • due dates
  • reports (current & past)
  • student handbooks
  • student resources
  • policies
  • events
  • newsletters
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