Providing Challenge and Support

Our Specialised Programs ensure students are appropriately challenged and supported throughout the school year.

Learning Enrichment is provided to any student who is identified as benefiting from extra assistance. Teachers and learning support officers have on-going training to provide support for students with various educational and social emotional needs.

Support is offered within the classroom and the students may also be withdrawn from the classroom to work individually or in a small group setting, to focus on relevant skills to help them achieve individual goals set by the subject teacher.

Measurable programs are used specifically at literacy and numeracy. Diagnostic testing is used to determine alternative programs for particular students. When necessary, referrals are made to the Catholic Education Office for further testing and to engage other professional help. Regular contact is maintained via email, telephone or parent meetings in the development of students with special learning needs.

We work collaboratively to provide a planned individual approach to benefit the student and their needs.

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