Term Dates

Term Dates 2018

Term Dates are listed below for your information. Please refer to the Trinity College Annual calendar for full details of term dates.

  • Term 1: 1st February – 29th March
  • Term 2 – 16th April – 29th June
  • Term 3: 16th July – 21st September
  • Term 4: 8th October – 21st December

Please Note that Year levels finish classes and expected commitments to the College, at different times, please refer to College Calendar.



Please note these dates may change slightly when the Trinity College Calendar is prepared for 2019.

Term 1: 29th January – 5th April

Term 2: 23rd April to 28th June

Term 3: 15th July to 20th September

Term 4: 7th October to 20th December